All American Roll Models

Welcome to All American Roll Models. All American Roll Models is a nonprofit organization that was established in December of 2008 by four spinal cord injury survivors. Our mission is to provide individuals with physical challenges access to adaptive sports and recreational activities, support services and much more. Our organization is available to anyone that wants to achieve success in their life no matter what their circumstances may be. Providing our members with access to sports, recreation, and support services are just a few of the benefits that we offer. Membership is free and easy! Join our organization and become part of a powerful movement that is sweeping across the country. Get Registered Today!

Adaptive Events and Alerts

All American Roll Models is focused on providing its members with up-to-date information regarding adaptive events that are specifically designed for people with physical challenges. One of the biggest benefits our organization provides is access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor events. We have developed a sophisticated custom alert system that allows you to receive alerts based on your specific interests and geographical location. Alerts can be sent to your cell phone, e-mail, tablet or all of the above. Set up Custom Alerts!